Make your URL short and pretty!

You can easily use a short link in social media, SMS or email to friends. If Your URL is long, with us will become much shorter! Create your short URL now and track clicks without registration!


1. What makes us different from, for example bitly, tinyurl and others?

Primarily that you can see extended statistics for your shortened URL without creating an account and that we are using always https protocol, even in shortened URL.

2. Do I need to register, to see my links and statistics?

You don't need an account to see your statistics and links! When you will create your first shortened link, you will get Unique ID with cookie, which will be stored on your computer.

3. What is this plus sign on the end of shortened link?

When you will write "+" on the end of shortened link, you will be redirected to statistics for this link. For example:

4. How to prevent losing all links because of removed cookies?
Click button "Unique ID" to download .txt file with your Unique ID and store this .txt file in a safe place, just in case. If you want to regenerate cookie, just click and paste your Unique ID.
5. Can I create my own custom URL?

Of course, but remember to use only allowed characters like: letters, numbers, "-" and "_".

6. How can I contact with you?

Currently only by email: [email protected].

7. When will my cookie containing Unique ID expire?

The cookie is set to expire in 10 years.

8. Can I use http protocol instead of https, to get an even shorter URL?

Of course you can, there are no obstacles.

9. Is this service is for free?

Yes, absolutely.

Terms of service was created as a free service (URL Shortener) to make posting long URLs easier, and may only be used for actual URLs. Using it for spamming or illegal purposes is forbidden and any such use will result in the being disabled and you may be reported to all ISPs involved and to the proper governmental agencies. This service is provided without warranty of any kind.
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